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Custom Seat Cover Features

Exact Fit Seat Covers, Custom Seat Covers,  Decor Auto

Exact Fit

Our seat covers are made to the exact dimensions of your vehicle's seat for a perfect fit. No bagginess, no movement, no kidding.

Side Impact Airbag Safe Seat Covers

Side Airbag Safe

We don't compromise on safety. Special stitching is used in our seat covers to make certain that your side impact airbags deploy as intended.

Water Resistant, Stain Resistant, Seat Covers

Water and Stain Resistant

Protect your seats from everyday spills and most stains. Available on most of our seat covers, never fear water, coffee, and soda stains again.

Machine Washable, Seat Covers

Machine Washable

Cleanup with our seat covers is a cinch. Wipe with a damp cloth or machine wash to keep your covers looking new.

Laminated Fabrics, Laminated Seat Covers

Fully Laminated Fabrics

Fully laminated fabrics ensure our seats covers are made to last. Lamination increases durability, water and stain resistance, and comfort.

One Year Warranty, Decor Auto Seat Covers

One Year Warranty

All of our custom seat covers are backed by a 1 year limited warranty because we stand by the products that we make and sell.

Reasons to Get Car Seat Covers

Renew Your Car's Interior

Rips, cracks, scratches, and permanent stains are daily reminders that your car seats are not aging well. Revitalize your interior with one of our many seat covers designed to make your seats look new again.

Your Vehicle is Used for Work

Do you use your vehicle for work like construction or ride share companies like Uber and Lyft? Your seats will need protection against the extra wear.

You Have Pets

Pet hair, nails, and accidents don't bother our seat covers. Features like water and stain resistance, durable fabrics, and easy cleanup make our seat covers ideal for pet owners.

What Makes Us Different

Made In America

Made in the USA

All of our custom fit seat covers and car accessories are made in the USA. No marketing tricks or deceptive phrasing.

Customer Support

No Upsell Customer Service

No pushy salesman, no upsell, no scripts, and no outsourced call centers; Get information straight from our in-house experts.

Manufacture our own products

We Make Our Products

We don't resell or rebrand other manufacturers' products. We only sell high quality seat covers and car accessories made by us.

Our Business

Over 25 Years Manufacturing Seat Covers and Car Accessories

We have been manufacturing seat covers and car accessories for over 25 years. A lot can change in that time, but high quality seat covers and excellent customer service have always been our staples.

Family Owned and Operated

Our employees aren't just like family, they are family! Since the very beginning to now, we continue to be family owned and operated.

Support Communities and Those Who Serve

We love giving back to the community! We provide a number of discount programs to those who serve our community.

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