7 Items Every Uber and Lyft Driver Needs To Protect Their Car

We love chatting with Uber and Lyft drivers when they visit our Los Angeles showroom; they are friendly, polite, and always have an abundance of interesting stories. Some are just starting out; some are rideshare veterans who started at the inception almost a decade ago (seems longer, doesn’t it?)

Regardless of their experience, they all agree that being a rideshare driver is not always an easy task. On most days, you get to meet a lot of interesting and polite people. On other days, you may encounter a passenger or two whom are drunk, incoherent, or downright rude. For situations like that latter, it pays to be prepared.

We have compiled a comprehensive list of items that every driver needs to keep their car interior clean straight from the mouths of rideshare veterans.

7 Must Have Items for Rideshare Drivers

1. Custom Fit Seat Covers

Anyone surprise that this is number 1? There is a reason we get so many rideshare drivers walking into our showroom: Uber and Lyft drivers learn quickly that custom fit seat covers are the best way to protect their seats from spills, vomit, rain, and dirt.

We even offer a discount program for all rideshare drivers.

For all drivers, we strongly recommend against purchasing universal fit seat covers.

2. All Weather Floor Mats

Passengers are generally in a rush, and as such, don’t necessarily have time to clean up their shoes or clothing. As such, expect to see sand, dirt, gum, and other unidentifiable things being tracked into your car. Getting quality rubber floormats will protect your carpet and help lessen cleanup time.

3. Portable Vacuum

Don’t miss a potential fare because you had to stop at an auto detailing place. Make cleanup a breeze in between customers by having a handheld vacuum on hand. Some even feature a charger that can fit your car’s 12 volt outlet.

 4. Throw-up Bags

These items can’t be used to clean up your car, but they will definitely keep your interior clean if your passenger needs one. Look into investing in some throw-up bags, or as the medical field calls them: “emesis bags.”

5. Lint Roller

68% of US households own a pet, so there is a good chance that at least one of your passengers will have cat or dog hair on their clothing. Lint rollers are a good option if you don’t find yourself frequently using them. For frequent usage, we recommend items that are reusable and eco-friendly like this pet hair remover.

6. Odor Absorber

Keeping your car odor free can be a challenge when you have multiple people coming in and out of your car. Instead of covering up odors with air fresheners, try odor absorbers containing activated charcoal. Activated charcoal is a natural and chemical-free way to remove offending smells and has been used for decades to filter water.

7. Disinfecting Wipes

The same cleaning product found in many households should also be in all rideshare vehicles. These wipes come in convenient packaging, can be used to quickly clean up a variety of messes, and also serve as a disinfectant — perfect for when flu season comes around.

Did we Miss Something?

Do you know of another item every Uber and lyft driver should have to protect the interior of their car? Let us know!