How to Remove the Rear Bench of a 2013-2019 Honda Accord

To achieve the best look and fit for our Custom Seat Covers, we typically require our customers to remove the rear seat cushion from their car during installation. Removing the seats of a 2013 to 2019 Honda Accord may seem like a daunting task, but it is actually quite easy to do and doesn’t require any special tools.

Items Needed

To remove the rear bench, you will need the following items:

  • Socket wrench with 10mm socket (deep socket or socket extension is preferred)
  • Work or mechanic gloves (optional)

Step 1 –  Unhook the Front Clips

The front of the rear seat cushion is secured by 2 plastic clips. To unhook the clips:

  • Gently lift up the front of the rear seat cushion directly behind the driver seat until you can locate the plastic clip
  • Pull the clip forward to release. When the clip is released, you should be able to fully lift up that half of cushion
    • Tip: If the clip does not release using moderate pressure, try simultaneously pushing the cushion down and then pulling the tab
  • Repeat steps to release the clip on the opposite side

Step 2 – Unbolt the Rear

The back of the rear seat bench cushion is secured by a 10mm bolt. To remove:

  • Locate the 10mm bolt at the back center of the cushion in between the bottom seat cushion and rear backrest
    • Tip: Lower the backrest halfway for better accessibility
  • Use a socket wrench with either an extension or deep socket for better access and unscrew counter clockwise until fully removed

Step 3 – Remove the Rear Cushion

After successfully completing steps 1 and 2, lift upwards to fully remove the cushion.

Need More Installation Help?

Need instructions for your specific car or other installation help for your seat covers? We are here to help! Please contact us by visiting our  Help Center page.