Lose an Item or Hear a Rattling Sound? You May Want to Check Under the Back Seats

Decor Auto has been in business for over 30 years, and over that time, we have installed thousands of seat covers in every vehicle imaginable. With all those installations, one would think that installations would become fairly mundane and routine, but when it comes time to remove the rear bench seat cushion, there always seems to be a surprise in every vehicle .

What is so special about the rear bench seat cushion you may be wondering? Nothing, really. It is underneath the rear seat cushion that contains all the excitement; You know — the gap between the frame of your car and the foam seat. Ask yourself: have you ever had an item go missing in the car, or hear an unknown rattling in the back, or worse — have a smell that won’t go away? You may want to check underneath the rear bottom seat cushion because it may be the source. Are you a parent of young children or a Uber and Lyft driver? If so, you may want to check twice!

Some Great Items We Have Found

  • Loose change (most common)
  • Loose screws — customer called to thank us that the odd rattling sound his mechanic couldn’t find finally stopped
  • Pens, pencils, and crayons
  • Missing sock
  • Miniature Action Figures
  • Puzzle and game pieces
  • Ear rings
  • Envelop containing $840 — customer had just bought the used car from the dealership last week!
  • Diamond engagement ring — the customer still keeps in touch over social media!

Some Not So Great Things We Have Found

  • Cereal — Cheerios being the most common
  • Dirt and Sand
  • Sticky juice residue
  • Dried vomit — Unfortunately, very common in cars used for Uber and Lyft , even after the car has been detailed.
  • Play-Doh

What’s Under Your Seat?

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