Judith and her all new Subaru Ascent!

Judith and her husband recently purchased the all new Subaru Ascent and wanted to protect their front seat covers. Decor Auto, as usual, is the only company with the pattern. She was a bit hesitant about ordering being unsure if she could install these by herself. By messaging us via our chat feature, she was able to get the assurance she needed and bit the bullet. Not only is she a pleasure to work with but Judith is so amazing when it comes to figuring something out she had no idea how to do! All by herself, while in a cast.

Check out her raving review and awesome photos of her new Encore Sandstone Seat Covers!

Judith’s Review:

“My husband I bought a new Subaru Ascent a couple of weeks ago. Needless to say, this was a big purchase for us! I’d never considered buying slipcovers for a car before, but for this car we decided it was something we wanted to do. I searched online and came across Decor Auto. Lucky me! Everything about the process of asking questions, purchasing, then ordering was extremely easy with Susan’s great assistance. (Even when I inadvertently chose the wrong fabric color and needed it to be changed, Susan graciously accommodated my error.)  Then, a few days later, the box of covers arrived. A bit daunting, at first, once again with Susan’s generous help and patient guidance, I was able to put the covers on by myself. They look sensational!! I’m not sure what I expected, but I can honestly say that my husband and I are both extremely impressed by the quality if the fabric (we chose Encore) and the outstanding construction of the covers. Decor Auto didn’t skimp on any of the materials: the fabric, the velcro, the stitching, the strapping…all are top grade. And the design details that allow the covers to fit correctly have been thought out perfectly. These covers fit like a glove. But honestly, better than all of that is that this is a company that understands how to make the customer feel like they matter. In a world where details are often forgotten and the personal connection between seller and buyer is lost in the transaction, I am happy to say that Decor Auto is a rare find. A company with integrity. Fantastic! ” Judith Kampmann

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