2013-2017 Ford Expedition Headrest Removals

Installation, Seat Covers, Useful Tips
Are you trying to install seat covers on the rear bench of your 2013-2017 Ford Expedition? You'll notice that these folding headrests don't have easy access to remove them. Well, have no fear, we were able to have a customer come in and allow us to install seat covers for their 2017 Ford Expedition so we were able to record how to remove these folding headrests. You can use needle nosed pliers, but we did not have access to one therefore we removed these with our hands. Shop now for your Expedition! www.decorauto.com Correction to instructional video: Please note that this instructional video states that the instructions work for a 2019 Expedition, The 2018 and 2019 middle and rear row headrests are different so these instructions are not valid for those…
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How to Remove the Rear Seats of Most Honda Vehicles

Most of you may be reading this article because you are installing one of our Custom Seat Covers¬†for your Honda, but there are actually many reasons why you may need to remove the rear bench. Some of the reasons include: installing car seat covers upgrading speakers applying sound insulation like¬†Dynamat weight reduction accessing fuel pump changing rear shocks cleaning interior retrieving lost items like coins or even an engagement ring (yes, this really happened!) Like other car manufacturers, Honda uses a lot of the same hardware such as bolts and plastic clips across their entire lineup. So, whether you own an Accord, Civic, Insight, Fit, or other Honda sedan or coupe, you will most likely follow the same steps for removal of your rear seats. Now, take a deep breath…
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