Custom Seat Covers for your Subaru

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Decor Auto Inc carries a wide selection of Subaru seat covers from the Outback, Forester, the Impreza, even the Baja, Legacy, or the BRZ. We even carry the Subaru Ascent patterns. Subaru is one of our best selling brand! Because of this, we got a lot of customer feed back and perfected all of our new Subaru seat cover patterns. We know that Subaru owners love their cars and take great care of them to keep them for a long long time. As Subaru grows, so does our pattern database. We always appreciate getting pictures from our customers when they install our seat covers. Since we have been in business for so long, we have built a great relationship with local dealerships and are able to go get the measurement…
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We’ve got your Subaru Ascent Seat Covers

Seat Covers
Subaru introduced a brand new SUV for 2019 and the seats are so comfortable! From being able to fit 7 or 8 passengers, and hold 19 cups/bottles this vehicle is what you need for adventures! And here at Decor Auto, we've had the patterns to make both the 7 passenger and 8 passenger available first! Sadly with other companies they've been telling customers that no one has it available yet. When a local dealership told us they had the new Ascent available, we drove there and took the measurements. Don't believe the hype!! We've got you and your Ascent covered! The most popular fabrics for the Subaru Ascent so far have been Leatherette and Encore. But, you can always check the different fabrics we have to offer by checking our…
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